Antibiotic resistance: Seeking solutions in a time of growing concern

MSU AgBioResearch Futures - Antibiotic Resistance coverIn our most recent issue of Futures (Spring/Summer 2014), we explore some of the research taking place at Michigan State University to help combat the serious problem of antibiotic resistance.

Our intent is not to place blame or point fingers, but to focus on some of the solutions that are helping to make a difference.






  • Mr. Potato Prof

    Mr. Potato Prof

    David Douches, who leads MSU’s Potato Breeding and Genetics program, will spend September, and most other months, traveling around Michigan helping Michigan potato growers.

  • MSU AgBioResearch: Tackling tough sustainability problems

    MSU AgBioResearch: Tackling tough sustainability problems

    “We’re a research institute that’s embedded in the university, and we have the opportunity to take advantage of resources of the entire university to meet our mission of producing healthy food and protecting the environment.”