• Improving tree fruit nutrient, pesticide application processes

    Researchers at Clarksville Research Center are conducting a multi-state, multi-disciplinary study to develop a new way of getting foliar inputs into apples and cherries.
  • Advancing Michgian cherry production: From root to fruit

    Michigan State University AgBioResearch scientists at Clarksville Research Center are looking at the advantages and economics of various protective covering systems for cherries. They are also investigating how three rootstocks interact with four designs to produce high quality, larger-than-grocery store fruit.
  • Developing new Tart Cherry varieties

    Researchers are developing new varieties of tart cherries that will increase profitability in tart cherry production and ensure the environmental stewardship of the lakeshore land. One such variety is the "Balaton."
  • Growing organic apples

    Growing organic apples in Michigan is a difficult thing to do. There are three major struggles: effective pest control for insects, diseases and weeds. So what better place to conduct this important research than at the Clarksville Horticultural Experiment Station, where researchers planted organic apples in 1999.

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