Established 1979

This 100-acre center sits in the five-county northwestern region that produces almost half of the U.S. supply of tart cherries and is responsible for 83 percent of sweet cherry production in Michigan. Founded through the efforts of the northwestern Michigan area fruit industry, the center is the premier research site for integrated pest management, horticultural production and handling, value-added processing, marketing and farm financial management practices for sweet and tart cherries, wine grapes, apples, plums and hops. In addition to creating and expanding knowledge through leading-edge research on cherries and other fruits, the center disseminates state-of-the-art information to the Michigan fruit industry and the public.


  • Members of the Michigan agriculture industry and others are invited to tour several of the Michigan State University research facilities this summer during the annual field day festivities.

  • A tiny vinegar fly from eastern Asia called spotted wing drosophila is fast becoming one of the most intensively studied insects at Michigan State University. READ MORE

  • Michigan State University horticulture professor Jim Flore gladly accepted and quickly donned the official red sports jacket as he was honored as Cherry Industry Person of the Year for his instrumental role in helping cherry growers remain on the cutting edge while also encouraging sustainable growing practices.

  • Michigan State University AgBioResearch is inviting the public to tour several of its research facilities across Michigan this summer. The organization’s annual field days, conducted June through September, will highlight some of the current research projects benefiting the Michigan agriculture industry.


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