Growing Practices

We believe that by focusing on building healthy and robust soil systems, we can not only increase the productive capacity of our farm, but we can also improve the nutritional value and flavor of our produce. This translates into a higher quality product that looks better, tastes better, and lasts longer.

Our growing practices follow organic standards to provide a product that we are confident to offer to our customers. We use no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers. Our fertility comes from a combination of farm-produced compost, cover crop rotations, and purchased minerals. We adhere to crop rotations that promote soil building and minimize pest and disease pressure. 

We are taking steps to achieve formal organic certification, as well as working towards Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) certification to ensure only the safest food comes from The North Farm. Additionally, we are going through the process of becoming environmentally verified through MAEAP to ensure the systems on our farm are not negatively impacting our surrounding environment.

We look forward to integrating other beneficial systems in the coming years—perennial cropping, livestock rotations, planting for native and domestic pollinators, water conserving techniques, and low-cost, high-yield technologies for small-scale agriculture in northern climates. 

To learn more about our production or to inquire about product availability, please contact us.



We are excited to be working with the Upper Peninsula Food Exchange, the UP’s food hub network. Using their online marketplace, The North Farm is able to aggregate products online with other growers to create an easy and profitable system for producers and buyers. For more information, visit

Part of the UP Food Exchange’s efforts has included the development of an online marketplace through Local Orbit. This marketplace allows growers to aggregate products online so buyers can make purchases from many growers through a single platform.

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