2008 Spartan Innovator Award presented to Lake City Experiment Station

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Ben Darling, assistant director of the Land Management Office, presented the Lake City Experiment Station with the award. (view larger image)

Using wireless video cameras to monitor cattle during the calving season earned the Lake City Experiment Station the 2008 Spartan Innovator Award. The award was presented during the 28th annual Farm Managers’ Seminar in February.

Connecting the cameras to the Internet allowed Lake City Experiment Station staff members to check on the cows quickly and easily from any location and at any time. Before the cameras were installed, the cows were checked every three to four hours around the clock, requiring staff members to travel at night and through all kinds of weather. The Web camera monitoring system provides better coverage and significantly reduces the time and cost involved. The system paid for itself within the first year.

The Spartan Innovator Award recognizes the outstanding efforts, positive contributions and achievements in the field by MSU farm, station and property staff members to meet the challenges of regulations, safety, technology, research and funding.

“We have many conscientious, creative and talented people in the MSU/MAES farm, station and property family,” said Ben Darling, assistant director of the Land Management Office. “This award is one small way to let them know that we notice and appreciate what they are doing and that it truly does make a difference. This award shares the best ideas with all the farm, station and property managers and enhances their ability to solve common challenges and issues.”

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