AgBioResearch Turf Experts Answer Homeowners’ Questions in New ‘Lawncare University’ DVD

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Ron Calhoun and Kevin Frank present 16 lessons in ther Lawncare University DVD set. (view larger image)

The temperature is climbing and the snow has melted—time to dust off the weed whacker, slip on some gardening gloves and usher in spring with a freshly manicured lawn. Before you start the mower, however, take a few notes from MAES lawn care experts at MSU.

The MSU Turf Team, with funding support from Project GREEEN, has created a new resource to answer many common lawn care questions: a DVD package called “Lawncare University.”

The DVD includes 16 videotaped lessons presented by Ron Calhoun and Kevin Frank, MAES crop and soil sciences researchers. Topics are divided into spring, summer and fall turf tips, with an extra section on turfgrass pests.

Featured lesson topics include mowing, dealing with problem weeds, selecting turfgrass varieties, managing waterfront turf, soil testing, dealing with leaves, managing thatch and controlling white grubs (including European chafer) in lawns. Other segments focus on spring cleanup, irrigation, renovation, fertilization, fall weed control and crabgrass.

ost video segments also have a complementary written bulletin available free for download at


The DVD package also includes a copy of the “I’ve Got Moles!” video. In the video, Calhoun and mole expert Brian Yost demonstrate the proper use of four simple traps to help rid a lawn of the destructive pests.

“I think homeowners are going to love the ‘I’ve Got Moles!’ segment,” Calhoun said. “We get hundreds of calls every year about mole damage in yards, and video is the perfect medium to show someone proper trapping techniques.”

The Lawncare University, DVD-300, can be purchased from the MSU Extension bulletin office. Call (517) 353-6740 or visit

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