AgBioResearcher to Help Edit Special Bioeconomy Issue of the Journal of Environmental Engineering

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Steve Safferman is helping edit a special issue of the Journal of Environmental Engineering on the bioeconomy. (view larger image)

AgBioResearch biosystems and agricultural engineering researcher Steven Safferman and fellow MSU scientists Wei Liao and Christopher Saffron will edit a special issue of the Journal of Environmental Engineering focused on engineering the bioeconomy.

“Because of the demand for high-priced energy and the need for energy security, there’s much interest in biobased products, including biofuels produced from agricultural and forestry commodities,” Safferman explained. “There’s also renewed interest in converting domestic waste and animal manure to energy technologies. We need advanced systems research that considers all energy inputs and valuable energy and chemical products to facilitate the development of a sustainable bioeconomy.”

The special issue will feature bioeconomy system analyses, review state-of-the-art technologies building the bioeconomy, and present original advances on process, infrastructure and environmental considerations associated with biomass conversion.

Safferman said the editorial team is soliciting abstracts for the special issue and will accept them through January 25. Invitations to prepare manuscripts will then be issued. The special issue will be published in late 2008.

Those who would like to submit an abstract or serve as peer reviewers for the special issue should e-mail Safferman.

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