MABR Researcher Offers Opinion on Herbicide-resistant Weeds in NY Times

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Scott Swinton (view larger image)

Scott Swinton, MABR agricultural, food and resource economics scientist, was one of six experts invited by the New York Times to contribute to the online Room for Debate opinion forum following a story the publication did on glyphosate-tolerant weeds.

“Just as antibiotic-resistant germs have forced physicians to spend more time on diagnosis, so glyphosate-resistant weeds will force farmers to spend more time on weed diagnosis,” Swinton wrote. “This will raise their weed control costs. Unfortunately, many herbicide substitutes for glyphosate are more toxic, so the public may have to choose between higher environmental costs and higher food costs for nonchemical weed control.”

The full text of Swinton’s piece, “Diagnosing the Enemy,” is available on the Times Web site.

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