MABR Scientist Named Einstein Professor

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James Tiedje receiving Einstein Professorship (view larger image)

James Tiedje, university distinguished professor and MABR crop and soil scientist, was awarded the Einstein Professorship from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in May. The award aims to build relationships between CAS scientists and scholars from around the world and to honor international scientists.

Tiedje was one of 20 people honored with the award, which is given annually.

“This is a great honor—the Chinese Academy of Sciences institutes have many of the top scientists in China, and it is gratifying to contribute to the international community of scholars through this award,” Tiedje said.

Tiedje traveled to China to accept the award, and while there, he lectured and participated in discussions at CAS institutes. He also collaborated with researchers and graduate students.

“This was my fifth visit to China over the past 15 years, and I have seen tremendous progress in the country’s economy, infrastructure and science, and in the capability of the Chinese students,” Tiedje said. “This progress allows for more collaboration and will contribute to the world economy. There is no question that China and other Asian nations will continue to grow as centers of innovation in science and technology.”

Tiedje was honored for his contributions to the field of microbial dehalogenation mechanisms and respiration of halogenated organic compounds.

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