AgBioResearch Scientist Edits Special Journal Issue on Biofuels

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Christoph Benning, biochemistry and molecular biology researcher, is editting a special issue of The Plant Journal on biofuels. (view larger image)

Sustainably harnessing plant biomass for use as biofuels and other bioproducts is the focus of a special issue of The Plant Journal, co-edited by MAES biochemistry and molecular biology researcher Christoph Benning.

The issue, published in May, features three articles written by MAES scientists and is available online.

“The special issue contains a series of reviews that describe the multiple biochemical processes that plants can or could use to convert their fixed carbon into fuels and other useful products,” Benning explained. “Rather than advocate a specific process or compound, these invited peer-reviewed articles by leading plant biologists and biochemists focus on the scientific facts behind the production of plant biofuels such as ethanol or biodiesel, as well as other important chemicals that are often unique to plants.”

Papers by MSU scientists in the special issue are:

  • “Cell-wall carbohydrates and their modification as a resource for biofuels,” by Markus Pauly, associate professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, and Ken Keegstra, MAES scientist and university distinguished professor of biochemistry and molecular biology and plant biology.
  • “Plant triacylglycerols as feedstocks for the production of biofuels,” by Tim Durrett, plant biology postdoctoral researcher; Benning; and John Ohlrogge, MAES scientist and university distinguished professor of plant biology.
  • “Harnessing plant trichome biochemistry for the production of useful compounds,” by Anthony Schilmiller, biochemistry and molecular biology post-doctoral researcher; Rob Last, MAES plant biology and biochemistry and molecular biology scientist; and Eran Pichersky, from the University of Michigan.

Pichersky also served as co-editor with Benning.

To go along with the special issue, The Plant Journal also produced a podcast with Benning, which is available online.

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