MSU AgBioResearch: Leading innovation in food, natural resources and energy

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Steve Pueppke (view larger image)

Whenever dark thoughts about Michigan’s future begin to emerge, I try to remind myself of all the entrepreneurs, academic administrators/researchers, public officials and other “can do” folks we have interviewed on “Greening of the Great Lakes” over the past three years.

One of those people, a frequent guest on the program, is Dr. Steve Pueppke, Director of Michigan State University AgBioResearch, a major research arm of the University.  Our most recent interview was no exception with Pueppke reiterating and reaffirming the major goal of MSU AgBioResearch:  “to help make Michigan’s economy as viable, environmentally sound and sustainable as possible.”  

Despite deep cuts in state funding (15% for the 2011-12 fiscal year) and the threat of additional cuts in federal revenues, Pueppke remains confident and enthusiastic about the work of the 300+ scientists supported by MSU AgBioResearch.  Key areas of focus are food, natural resources and renewable energy—each of which will play a key role not only in Michigan’s return to prosperity, but in improving the lives of people not only here in the state, but across the globe.  

During our conversation, Pueppke provided examples of leading-edge research in each of those three areas—research ranging from the development of urban agriculture in Detroit, to mitigating or eliminating invasive species (e.g., the sea lamprey and Asian Carp) damage to our Great Lakes to the development of biofuels from nonfood plants.  These examples and many others are featured not only on the MSU AgBioResearch website but also in the always informative Futures magazine, available in hard copy or electronically on the website.  

It is also a pleasure to announce that an organization with such a proud and enduring, 123-year legacy of research and innovation is also a new sponsor of our radio show.  

Please click on the arrow below to hear my Greening of the Great Lakes conversation with Pueppke.

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