MSU faculty awarded elite professorships

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(Left to right): Andrew Christlieb, Dean Della Penna, Robin Buell and Christoph Benning. Photo by Harley Seeley. (view larger image)

Michigan State University (MSU), with support from the MSU Foundation, will honor four faculty members with the designation of MSU Foundation Professor, in recognition of their exceptional contributions to research and instruction.

The professorships are part of an initiative to attract and retain highly successful faculty members. Each recipient typically receives five years of supplemental research support and holds the MSU Foundation Professor designation permanently.

The new MSU Foundation Professors are Christoph Benning, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, Robin Buell, professor of plant biology, Andrew Christlieb, professor of mathematics and Dean DellaPenna, University Distinguished Professor of biochemistry and molecular biology. All four are faculty in the College of Natural Science. Benning, Buell and DellaPenna are also MSU AgBioResearch scientists.

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