Michigan Apple Industry Research Priorities

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Michigan Apple Committee
Research Priorities for 2015/16

Following are the 2015/16 priorities of the Michigan Apple Committee. (In priority order.)

1. Increase demand

To conduct consumer related research that will help sell Michigan Apples more profitably.
a. Market research
b. Value – convenience, apples versus snack foods
c. Consistency (product quality)
d. Word of mouth & technologies/methods

2. Improve quality and consistency

To demonstrate how to improve Michigan Apples in terms such as variety, size, taste and appearance.
a. Growth regulators/thinners
b. Storage improvements
c. Varieties
d. Enhance varietal traits and attributes
e. Thinning models
f. Packaging
g. Michigan “Select” or “Premier” product

3. Reduce production costs

To help increase grower profitability by improving production efficiency.
a. Improve packaging efficiency
b. Mechanization
c. Technology
d. Enhance varietal traits and attributes
e. Consistent cropping
f. Reducing pesticide delivery costs
g. Increase yields
h. Farm management practices

4. Introduce new or improved varieties

To identify and develop new or improved varieties that can be grown profitably in Michigan.
a. Michigan “Select” or “Premier” varieties
b. Heritage varieties
c. Compatibility of varieties with Michigan’s growing conditions

5. Prove health benefits

To research, publish and support scientific claims regarding the health and nutrition benefits of apples.
a. Proof of effect on health conditions or prevention
b. Summaries of other research

6. Improve packaging

To demonstrate benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness in packaging that has strong consumer appeal and is packer friendly.
a. Cost effectiveness
b. Consumer/Packer friendly
c. Reduce bruising
d. Consumer appeal
e. Lengthens shelf life


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