Hay and Grazing

Michigan Hay & Grazing Industry Research Priorities

Submitted by:
Michigan Hay & Grazing Council

Jerry Lindquist, Secretary
Michigan Forage Council
1066 Bogue St., Rm A486
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1325


Industry Priorities:

  1. Research on alfalfa varieties including productivity and feed value of new low lignin varieties, drying characteristics of trait-enhanced varieties, yield gaps, and other attributes that impact management.

  2. Research and education on Birdsfoot Trefoil establishment, yield, & management for use across all of Michigan in hay, silage and pasture systems.

  3. Research on methods of interseeding grass forage varieties into established glyphosate-resistant alfalfa stands.

  4. Research and education on the use of alternative forages as cover crops for soil improvement and livestock feed.

  5. Research and education on the economics of incorporating forages for hay and grazing purposes into grain crop rotations.

  6. Research and education on low-cost methods of sustaining productive pastures for farms with limited equipment and cash resources.

Last Updated: December 2014

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